HK Gaming GK61

HK Gaming GK61
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  • Great for fortnite
  • Product is not perfect, but it's still worth the money


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Nor can I take HK Gaming seriously.

Both are just shady companies that act like children. Good luck getting any customer support with them!


Fell like tfue

I really like this thing great for fortnite I fell like I’m tfue

Tank neames
3 years ago

GK61 60% Gaming Keyboard Review

So as far as this HQ gaming g k, 61 C's present gaming keyboard right here it was interesting.

The Techne
1 month ago

Says it comes with USB-C cord, not entirely true.

I bought this to use with a Macbook Pro (USB-C), and this says it comes with a USB-C cord. That's technically true, but the USB-C part plugs into the keyboard and it has a regular USB head on the side you want to plug into your computer.

3 years ago

GK61 Review! Is It REALLY as GOOD as everyone says? (HK Gaming/Epomaker/Matrix Clix)

This is a really good deal for the price. Sorry, it took me so long to do. The review too, like i've, been super busy, but i definitely think the gk61 as a platform is a very good value, but are you guys that is going to be it for this video if you guys enjoyed be sure to drop a like and subscribe? If you are new to the channel as well, thank you guys so much for tuning in to this video

Too Much Tech
1 month ago

Thanks for this m8. I'm gonna buy HK Gaming keycaps now

Good keyboard for a great price

I've had 4 keyboards, starting with the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, then the Corsair Strafe RGB, then the Logitech G Pro, and now the GK61. After researching about custom keyboards, I figured this would be a good base to get started. This board is made using the GK61 PCB from ePathBuy, which means you ...

Alex Bright
3 years ago

Exactly what you get for the price.

The media could not be loaded. I will start this review saying that overall I like this keyboard, this is my first mechanical keyboard and I will keep for a while, the thing is that I have tried in stores more of the high-end keyboard and this is not perfect. So it need's some improvement's so it co...

Luis Oscar Thevenin Mejia
3 years ago

A fully hot swappable optical mechanical keyboard with RGB for only $50!

Wow! For $50, finding a hot swappable 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard is just mind boggling! I’ve had this keyboard for a few weeks now, and I must say I’m very impressed with it. The first thing that stood out to me when I used this keyboard was that the Gateron Optical Switches are SOOO SMOOTH. Seriou...

3 years ago

Great keyboard, Software is an absolute joke/disaster

The keyboard has a fantastic build quality for its price. It's got exactly the 61% shape with the addition of my Home/pageup+down/arrow keys etc. The software.. oh dear. You have to google how to find the software, They don't even tell you about the software besides one leaflet in the box saying "co...

3 years ago


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11.42 x 3.94 x 1.18 inches

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