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If you really like war games, Scythe isn't what you'll expect it to be. If you're looking for one though, Kemet is the war game I expected Scythe to kind of be like -- would recommend you check it out.
Kemet - Review
It takes the core of ‘armies on maps’ games, ramps up the pace and gives you hard but understandable choices every turn. It wants you to be aggressive and fast, and every design decision is tuned towards making that happen, to encouraging you to engage and fight. This is not a game for those who don’t want those things, but I personally love it for that
2 months ago
Throw down like an Egyptian in Kemet - Quarter to Three
There’s more jockeying for position on this tech tree than there is on the board, where moving units into position is almost a formality. The army management is part of how Kemet encourages aggressive play. The layout of the board, the way units move, the importance of controlling territory, and the relative ease of coming back from a lost battle all keep the action fluid, with nuances like raiding, feints, and assaults
2 months ago
I'm really enjoying the new Kemet, have you played with the book of the dead expansion yet?
Review: Kemet
But with its unconventional movement, mathematical combat resolution, abstract production and arbitrary action selection, it plays like no other you know. Indeed it’s more of a metamorphosed war game whose thematic anchors are surprisingly aweigh. With that perspective Kemet is a grandly unique design worthy of the gods themselves! Rating 9
2 months ago
(Friend owns) Kemet: if you like tech trees and fighting constantly. Everyone I know calls it the dudes on a map game for euro gamers. I can see why with the tech tree. It's fun.
Kemet Review - with Tom Vasel
I love this game and I'm surprised it hasn't got more buzz, but this game is just amazing for end and it works well with three four or five players there's a lot going on. I mean we're not talking about super heavies, but strategy, but there is tiles to pick from. There is work replacement and then there's just straight up in your face: attacking no one's at a disadvantage of their position
The Dice Tower
2 months ago
**Kemet** (1x3P) First time ever playing this and I was tasked with teaching and unpacking (complaint: Matagot included no storage bags for any components). Ended up taking us around two hours but it was a lot of fun. In the pros column it was easy to learn, had a fun combat system, and was filled with interesting decisions.
**Kemet: Blood and Sand** made a lot of good improvements in balance, rules to avoid edge cases and timing issues, and some editorial direction on tiles for player count and other similar areas. However the board art is worse, it lands in a strange almost real almost stylized which isn't great, the style on the card symbology feels mixed, the quality of the miniatures feels a bit worse, and the English rule book is terrible and full of errata, I wound up having to print my own of the fixed one once the community helped them fix it post campaign. I still kept Blood and Sand as the positives are far more important thab the negatives, but it does feel like a slight miss.
- no take-that or fighting other players - I don't enjoy games where players can target each other, bashing the leader or just destroying what another has built up. A nice euro style competitive game with positive interactions is preferred. Games I've played already and that don't fit these conditions for me: Blood Rage, Cyclades, Kemet, Scythe, Arcadia Quest, Chaos in the Old World, and probably missed a few others.



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