Pax Pamir 2e

Pax Pamir 2e

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  • Great for fans of Pax Pamir 2E
  • King is Dead (AKA the King of Siam)
  • There's a rule in Pax Pamir that encapsulates its genius
  • Message or playability
  • In 1823 marked the fall of Durrani Empire


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Pax Pamir 2E is definitely a more focused and tight game than Oath, but I happily have both on my shelf. Oath is just going for a very different experience. I’d definitely recommend playing a few times before deciding if you want to sell!
It's easier to solve the Lament Configuration than it is to get Pax Pamir 2e back into the box. I'm also super annoyed at games with card inserts that don't leave enough space for sleeved cards.
27 - Pax Pamir 2e - Married and Board
In our “What’s Up?” segment, we talked about the game we preordered this week called The Initiative. Take a look at the description and the video below. The Initiative Here is the game featured in this episode: Pax Pamir, Second Edition. Isn’t the map board great? It is definitely a beautiful game t...
2 months ago
Pax Pamir 2nd Edition: Observing Circumstances & Negotiating Possibilities [Review] - MeepleEksyen
Pax Pamir 2nd Ed. is a gate to Afghanistan’s history; a tableau-builder, area control, and conflict simulation in one compact box Unlike other tableau builders that start from puny state and progressively gain power until the end of the game, Pax Pamir is more than that. In this game, we try to be as efficient as possible to build our engine for each round
2 months ago
In being both profound and playable, Pax Pamir 2E became one of the most important board games of 2019
This is what board games are accomplishing in 2019. For a title that simulates economies and armies and everything in between, Pax Pamir 2E is refreshingly easy to play, but also asks hard questions about the impact of colonialism and foreign wars. At its best, when you’re wading through your third campaign and fourth alliance, when friends have become enemies and old rivals have transformed into convenient bedfellows, it even asks for something unexpected: empathy
2 months ago
**The King is Dead** (AKA **The King of Siam**)
Fantastic game, especially if you're a fan of Pax Pamir 2E. Seems like most people are pretty unaware of its existence.
Pax Pamir 2E is the most beautifully produced game I own by a large margin - the resin blocks, wood markers, metal coins, and cloth board all set it apart from most of my collection.
Pax Pamir 2E. It's a great game with a unique and beautiful look.
Pax Pamir 2nd Edition Game Review – Meeple Mountain
Pax Pamir Second Edition is some damn fine art. Read more in our review. I’m going to start this review by saying that Pax Pamir (2nd Edition) is a fully-realized and beautiful work of art, and if you can find a copy of it, do so. It’s absolutely worth playing and owning. If that’s as far as you rea...
2 months ago
**: Tiny small box with HUGE gameplay and variability. Solo players with interest in party synergies, absurd replayability and tactical combat should *not* overlook this one. **Pax Pamir 2E**: Cole Wehrle redux, for a remake of my favorite series in boardgaming. Also obvious why it's in this list.


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