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Henry, James, Miele, and Sebo are all very quiet canister vacuums and they’re good for hard floors and carpets. Do you have half or more carpets? If you do you’ll want to look at the Sebo Felix upright or the Miele and Sebos with electric power heads.

Strong suction, Company upright

What are we cleaning: Small house, mostly wood floors but with area rugs of varying height, tile kitchen. We use this up three floors. So I've had this since June 2015 and bought it on Amazon so have almost three years of experience. We bought the 2/8-bag pack and literally just ran out! Quite amazi...

4 years ago

Anything on the recommended list with a electric brushroll is good. The Sebo Felix is a great all around machine. The Zero G canister is one of the best values right now and they come with a ton of accessories.

1 year ago

The Sebo Felix is brilliant in the UK as well! Enjoy it, they're very good!

1 year ago

Sebo Felix/Dart: Great for the price, excellent filtration and can last years!

1 year ago

Tagging u/muttmunchies because I saw you did a great job on cleaning your Sebo Felix

1 year ago

* **SEBO Felix ($700):** Upright that can switch between a motorized carpet head and a dedicated hard floor brush like a canister, hose is a little short, long warranty (5-10 years), good dealer network. * **Lindhaus Healthcare Pro ($750):** Very similar to the SEBO Felix, loses the swiveling powerhead and suction speed control in exchange for a free-standing hard floor head and an integrated telescopic wand for the hose, 3 year warranty and smaller dealer network.

3 months ago

Sebo Felix is a fantastic tool!

Overall, I love this vacuum and I would purchase this again. It's very quiet and does not scare my animals at all which is a plus because I used to try and vacuum when the pets were awake, now I vacuum whenever! Also, super easy to clean the brush roll! No more detaching a belt and hurting my finger...

Georgia N.
2 years ago

* SEBO Felix $649. * Lindhaus Healthcare Pro HEPA $749 + [Latching Floor Nozzle]([URL REMOVED] $60.

1 year ago

* SEBO Felix ($649). * Lindhaus Healthcare Pro ($649).

1 year ago


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