Shure Aonic 50

Shure Aonic 50
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Review highlights
  • Great for audiophiles
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Comfortable design
  • Active noise cancelling is good but not great
  • Battery life is estimated at 25 hours with ANC on
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Shure Aonic 50 Review

Shure's Aonic 50 headphones deliver a sound signature for those seeking accuracy, not booming bass.

Tim Gideon
15 days ago

The new $249 model sits below the $299 Aonic 50

While the Aonic 40 have a slightly revised look taken from their older sibling, with an aluminum build and a collapsible design, 2020’s Aonic 50 remain at the top of Shure’s wireless headphone line with larger 50mm drivers and 32-bit audio with LDAC support. The cheaper Aonic 40 have three levels of noise cancellation, with an Environment Mode to let in ambient sound — all accessible via physical controls.

Antonio G. Di Benedetto
15 days ago

Fantastic Headphones with Sub-Par Noise Cancelling

I bought the Sony WH-1000XM3, Sennheiser Momentum 3, and these Shure headphones to compare and will return 2 of them. By far, the Shure AONIC 50 headphones sound the best (except for noise cancelling). I've been working from home while testing these out and there's a 2 year old running around, so th...

J DeGarmo
2 years ago

The first to get it right including LDAC, Multipoint and best-in-class noise cancellation

I'm looking for it all - headphones that qualify as 'Audiophile', that I can use for everything from listening to high-quality music (without dropping two grand on a pair of cans from which I'm not going to get the full benefit) while being able to spend hours at a time working at my computer on con...

A. Cook
2 years ago

Depends on what you want.

This is hands down the best sounding wireless headphone or wireless noise-canceling headphone for that matter...IMO. The Brief. Neutral Signature with no coloration. Very detailed and transparent especially in the mids and highs (not bright at all). Bass is accurate and fast but will not appease bas...

2 years ago

Questionable Build, Great Sound

The media could not be loaded. I purposely held off on buying these for a few months thinking they would have all issues sorted by now... Guess I was wrong! As it turns out, the left earcup rattle still rears its ugly head, being an issue since launch! I notice it while walking or turning my head an...

Eric F
2 years ago

I want to like them but I cannot. I do not recommend these!

I really want to like these headphones. They are built well with a nice aesthetic. I spent a long time researching noise cancelling headphones. I wanted good noise cancelling but great sound with all the hi-res codecs was my primary goal. Unfortunately these headphones are a major disappointment in ...

2 years ago


So happy with the Shure Aonic 50. I own the top models from JBL, Bose, B&W, B&O, and Master & Dynamic so i have a little comparison reference. Overall sound quality, sound detail, & sound balance are top notch 5 of 5 stars. Where these really shine is in the soundstage & depth of the music. You can ...

2 years ago

Great audio quality but mediocre ANC

I bought these and the Jabra 85h and ultimately chose the 85h. SQ wise, the Aonic 50s are a step above the Jabra's. However, usability, comfort, and ANC are better on the 85hs. I had the Sony xm3s before the Jabra's and those had the best ANC of the bunch. If the button layout and comfort (they are ...

2 years ago

Update: July 2020 Firmware Fixed LDAC/Mic Issues!

I've been a fan of Shure's IEMs for more than a decade now. I've always expected nothing but the best sound quality possible, and these haven't let me down whatsoever. If you're someone who prioritizes audio quality, just pull the trigger. I couldn't ask for more when it comes to how many codecs the...

2 years ago