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Tortuga Setout
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  • Great for short trips
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good size for traveling with family or friends
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable


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Tortuga Setout Divide Backpack Review | Pack Hacker

On the Setout there have been some very minor aesthetic blemishes, but other than that we haven’t had any major issues with it. As far as usage goes, this thing has really been a breeze—it’s comfortable, easy to operate, and all the features (outside of that hip belt) work very well. We love how versatile this pack is, and the water bottle pocket continues to impress as well!

2 months ago

I was similarly stuck between Tortuga and Aer options in the fall of 2018. I ultimately went with the Tortuga Setout Divide as I liked the idea of expandability, and didn't have much need for a shoe compartment. The slightly lower price point also helped. Today, I would likely make the same choice, ...

1 year ago

So far a lot of recommendations have been for more "traditional"/outdoors/hiking backpacks, which have their own benefits, but one problem I have with them is the top-opening style. With those backpacks, the user has to be very methodical about packing things in the right order or they will end up h...

10 months ago

Best Travel Backpack

I was torn between this and the Osprey Farpoint 40L. After trying both of them out, the Tortuga won. Though the Osprey had a better harness/waist strap system, but for the size of bag, the Tortuga's removable waist straps works just fine. Most times I don't even use the waist straps unless I know I ...

1 year ago

I‘ve owned the dsptch sling and the daypack and they are both amazing. For travel I do feel there are better options like the aer travel pack 2 and the tortuga setout. I was deciding between these three including the travel pack and I went with the setout as it was on sale.

I love dsptch's aesthet...

1 year ago

I don't have the Aer Travel Pack, but I have their electronics bag and toiletry bag which are made out of the same material. I think your concerns about durability are misguided. I have a Tortuga Setout and like it a lot, but the material does not seem as strong as the Aer products I have. For packi...

1 year ago

Best Travel Packs: Tortuga Setout Divide Review

If you think this bag is gon na, be too small for you, and so overall I've just been really impressed with the Tortuga set out divide and I'm really excited to continue using it for many trips going forward. I want to go ahead and think Tortuga again for sending the bag for me to test out and if you guys found this video useful, please go ahead and give us a like below and if you haven't already, please go ahead and subscribe.

Traveling Salseros
3 months ago

Tortuga Setout Divide if they still sell them or if you can find one on secondary market - they go from 26 to 34L. Great bag, I’ve had one for a few years & love it. Use as my EDC pack & for 4-5 day trips. You’ll love it

9 months ago

My wife and I own a Tortuga Setout 35L, and it's comfortable enough. We've managed to run around international airports with a full pack, and I've walked a few miles (albeit with a light load) with no issues. We both have torso injuries so comfort is a priority. I would get the Tortuga as it also ha...

9 months ago

Nice Bag

Originally, I bought this pack for short 3-4 trips abroad. Due to Covid I have not used it in this capacity only short car trips to Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Overall, I found this pack too be a great 2-3 pack. All of what you would need can be carried, though it seems to work better with packin...

Jason B. Rice
2 years ago


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22 x 15.8 x 4 inches

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