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Dell XPS 13
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  • Great for everyday use
  • Slim and light design
  • Long battery life
  • Reliable trackpad
  • Spacious screen


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The 7 Best Laptops - Spring 2022

If you need a portable device for general productivity tasks like web browsing, text formatting, and video playback, we recommend the Dell XPS 13 (2021), the best laptop with a thin and light design we've tested. It's a sleek and stylish Windows laptop with incredibly thin bezels and a sturdy aluminum chassis. It's compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around, and its battery lasts over 10 hours of light productivity

14 days ago

Best Display for Programming? (2017)

Not quite as small as you'd like but my work issued Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is quite small and light with high res. I haven't tried running any Linux on it yet but it should have decent software support with a recent kernel and modern distro.


I ended up buying the xps 13 9300 with intel 10th gen i7, 1tb of ssd, 32gb of ram. Uhd infinity edge display from Amazon for 1599 in the us.

1 year ago

Everything seemed perfect until it froze

The machine was on for about 1 hour, setting up and running updates. The screen froze. Soft or hard boot, didn't work. Called Dell and they had me hold down the power button for 1 minute to reset. Machine came back up and the screen was completely pixilated. Restarted again. Happened again. Returned...

K. Larson
1 year ago

Dell XPS 13 Plus gets a few controversial new features: Hands-on at CES 2022

In its defense, Dell says this version makes more sense because it just shifts back and forth between two layouts, not endlessly changing contextual buttons like the Touch Bar had. It definitely looks cool, but I'm not sure I won't miss at least having a physical Esc key. The display can go up to a 4K OLED screen, and 28-watt Intel processors, up from 15-watt CPUs on other XPS 13 laptops

4 months ago

I have the 13 and upgraded from the 8 Plus. Very happy with the 13 so far.

8 months ago

Dell XPS 13 (late-2020) review: greatness, refined

So overall, the XPS 13 is still an excellent laptop. It’s still one of the best you can bu

4 months ago

As someone who doesn't personally like iPhones, I think the 13 is a great improvement - they've been long overdue for the 120hz screen. Like, what else did you want them to add? Well, aside from USB-C...

9 months ago


In review: Dell XPS 13 9310 Core i7 FHD. Test unit provided by Dell USIf you already own an Ice Lake laptop, then there isn't much a reason to upgrade to Tiger Lake. Overall system performance isn't noticeably better than the XPS 13 9300 which isn't even a year old

4 months ago

Go for [New Dell XPS]([URL REMOVED] absolutely amazing, fantastic build quality, 16GB of Dual channel memory, latest tigerlake CPU, great battery life, premium, perfect for those games you mentioned.

1 year ago



Intel Core i7

Intel Core i5



Intel UHD Graphics 620

Intel UHD Graphics


13.3”, Full HD (1920 x 1080)

13.3”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)


up to 8000GB SSD