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Glorious GMMK
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  • Great for beginners
  • No key chatter
  • Hugely customizable RGB features
  • Compact layout and bare bones, 60% size
  • Different sizes


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I recently got a Glorious GMMK that I really like.

Not impressed...

So, you got into keyboard modding... You are not a newbie, nor a pro just yet... (Because if you were either you wouldn't be here). And you ended up here because you are ready to take the plunge and start customizing your keyboard, or the red 'Ascend' button mesmerized you... Well, my friend, you go...

3 years ago

A sturdy DIY keyboard with a lot of potential

But a year-plus since its release, it’s been surpassed by the shockingly fast-moving mechanical keyboard market. Glorious gets credit for providing a system to make it easy to jump into a custom board, without the usual headaches and long waits. But, ultimately, it feels like the GMMK Pro is marketed toward an audience that loves the DIY aesthetic but would rather pay someone else to do it for them

Alice Newcome-Beill
1 month ago

Glorious GMMK is a solid option at a reasonable price. Also come with hotswap.

Look at the Glorious GMMK and the Ducky One 2 RGB. Neither costs much more than the Razer Ornata 2, and both are decent quality. The GMMK is got swap, so you can change the switches if you want.

Very convenient and reliable modular keyboard

The media could not be loaded. I bought the TKL model with brown switches. The good: - No key chatter. (double key presses / failed debounce) - Floating keycap design. This keyboard is easy to clean! - Hotswap switch sockets work as advertised. - Keycap and switch removers are included. - A right-an...

3 years ago

Glorious gmmk tkl with gateron clears and drop skylight keycaps. Next one is probably a glorious gmmk pro with their panda switches and after that I’ll probably dive into the money pit of putting my own together.


A versatile and satisfying keyboard, with some room for improvement

I enjoy this keyboard very much, it's quickly overtaken my DAS and Deck Legend as my board of choice for daily use. It has some excellent features, and a few that are just shy of excellent. Pros: -Hugely customizable RGB features. This board can do almost any lighting pattern under the sun, from lig...

James M.
4 years ago

glorious Gmmk tkl fits those requirements it’s on sale now but gotta be fast


Great Value

Got the full sized version for a home office use during the COVID outbreak. Very pleased with it. This is a great value for a hot swap keyboard, as you can easily spend twice this much. I was looking for Cherry clear or brown switches and was a little reluctant to go for Gateron browns, but since th...

Mike Harvey
2 years ago


Keyboard Interface

USB 2.0

Mechanical Keyboard


Key Switch Type

Gateron Brown


1.70" x 11.50" x 4.00"