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IBM Model M
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  • Great for typing
  • Long history of use in offices and banks
  • Popular with many people who have used it for years
  • A lot of people want to know more about the product
  • Product is a 10 keyless version of the well known model M


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An amazing typing experience that’s sometimes far from practical

If all you do on your computer is type, then the New Model M does that brilliantly. But when you need to use your computer for other things, like playing games or making calls, the keyboard’s lack of versatility becomes obvious. I loved using my IBM Model M, and there’s no way I’m going to part ways with it anytime soon

Jon Porter
1 month ago

I have a 2018 MBP and an IBM Model M and I like typing on both of them. The MBP has low travel but it doesn't bother me, I guess I'm a light typist? It has a really satisfying actuation feel, kind of like popping bubble wrap, that I really like.

I still use the IBM model M mechanical keyboard for a daily driver. Works fine for me...


Am amp makes a big difference with the 600s imo, so look forward to it. Those were my first two headphones I got as well and I love both of them.

Also, is that a unicomp model m?

Oh, man, don't make me go back to /r/mechanicalkeyboards. Too much temptations. I'd love a good Model M or earlier with a USB conversion, but I've been happy with my MK Fission w/ Cherry Browns.

When I was a kid, my father hooked a model m keyboard up to the PC. It lasted about a month before we couldn't take the clicking any longer. Felt great to type on, but my god, it was ALL you could hear.

Love my Model M, but yeah they’re crazy loud. Unicomp is still pumping them out too, and I think they’ve got a Space Saving Keyboard version coming soon.


(the Kensington Expert Mouse is also a winner). The ultimate in fast typing is the IBM Model M, which I use daily. You can either acquire them used, or you can buy them new from Unicomp [here]([URL REMOVED]. I've also used a variety of Cherry hardware-based keyboards which are also quite good for typists, the Cherry Brown specifically.


- previous / current keyboards: Previously used an IBM Model M and loved it, except for missing 'Super' key. I'm now using standard US 104 key layouts. I miss the thunderous "clank" of the Model M, but probably would go tactile to mildly clicky switches to avoid workplace violence (lol).

Came in yesterday, the IBM 5576-C01 from 1994. A Japanese-exclusive Model M-based keyboard that to my knowledge was made specifically for a single system - IBM PS/55E, an all-in-one PC.





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