Keychron K1

Keychron K1
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  • Great for typing
  • No connectivity problems so far
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Mechanical switches
  • Low profile


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I feel the same way. I have both the Keychron K1 and K2 and the K1 really feels very mushy.


The keyboard I've been on the hunt for!

I do a lot of transcription for various fields. I need to be fast so I wanted keys with short travel, felt more like a laptop keyboard but with tactile feel. I like crisp, clean keystrokes. I also wanted a keyboard where I could replace the switches. Doing so much transcription wears out my keyboard...

2 years ago

Keychron K1 V4 (Low Profile) - 90% the Keyboard of the G915 TKL, for 33% the Cost

I would personally go with the kikron k1: i'm expecting the g915 to stop charging one day when the micro usb port randomly breaks as it inevitably will and when that happens, i'll be seeing what other improvements kikron made to their keyboard and probably get one.

Bijan Jamshidi
1 month ago

Recognized that immediately. Looked at the picture, and looked down at my own Keychron K1. Great taste!

almost a 10/10 keyboard...

Bought the blue switch version. Overall is a good low-profile keyboard. Amazing typing experience, great RGB effect, and no connectivity problem so far. Some advice hopefully would get implemented for the next version: 1. The current key cap material is probably ABS which leaves a lot fingerprints a...

Chelsea Ma
2 years ago

The shallower throw of the low profile switches on my Keychron K1 just didn't do enough for me to ever want to try again. I'd also miss the availability of keycaps.


Keychron K1 Review: Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard. Switch and Click

So, overall, I would recommend it to anybody unless you really really really want a low profile keyboard and you, like all the features on the key Cronk came one. Otherwise, it's hard for me to give this our sign-off so anyways.

Switch and Click
1 month ago

I have a Keychron K1, which I recommend for low profile chiclet style keyboards:


I've also looked into the cooler master ones in the past, but fair warning they seem to get mixed reviews:



Excellent RGB, but not totally perfect.

I bought this keyboard with a bit of skepticism about the whole semi-mechanical thing. And being a devout magic keyboard user for years. I fell in love with the slim and sleek design and not to mention the RGB (which is AWESOME). First off, this thing is solid. Doesn’t bend or warp and looks to be b...

Peter T.
2 years ago

I'd recommend the Keychron K1 v4, but you're after 75% so I guess the Keychron K3 V2 - [URL REMOVED]



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4.8 x 14 x 0.9 inches