Keychron Q1

Keychron Q1
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  • Great for beginners
  • Highly customizable
  • Lightweight and quiet typing experience
  • Level of construction is miles
  • Hot-swappable switches


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Keychron Q1

The Keychron Q1 is a 75% compact wired keyboard with spaced-out navigation keys, like the GLORIOUS GMMK PRO. It's a highly customizable board that you can get in a barebones version to install your own switches and keycaps. We got the fully-assembled variant with Gateron Phantom Brown switches, whic...

Kelsey Linhares
1 month ago

keychron q1's worth it for the price

Keychron q1. Clicky switches are horrible. Roast me, but my opinion I surperior.


I just went from an ALT HP to a Keychron Q1. Out of the box the Q1 feels much worse! But I believe it has much better potential, just gonna need a lot of work. The ALT is definitely not a bad board to start with

A solid build and easy customization make the Q1 easy to recommend

But I think what’s most impressive is how close the Q1 gets as standard. It’s an amazing keyboard for someone who just wants to buy something fully assembled and without a lengthy waiting period. Unless you’re dead-set on a wireless keyboard or you need the extra keys afforded by a larger model, the Keychron Q1 is an easy choice to make

Jon Porter
1 month ago

White cable with black connect 😎. It’ll be going on my Keychron Q1. Thanks for the opportunity!

**Problem:**. I've recently purchased a Keychron Q1 (knob version) and have been using it a week or so. I have an issue where the board will simply stop responding to input. Even the RGB will stop responding (I have it set to a cascading pattern).


- keycaps: double-shot PBT, minimal aesthetic, Linux keys a plus. - cable: wireless Bluetooth > wireless dongle > detachable USB-C. - additional: rotary encoder would be awesome. I've looked at the. - Keychron Q1, looks good, waiting for the version with a rotary encoder, but would love a TKL version.


.. qmk.exe: error: argument {config,clone,console,env,setup,c2json,cd,chibios-confmigrate,clean,compile,doctor,flash,generate-rgb-breathe-table,info,json2c,lint,list-keyboards,list-keymaps,list-layouts,new-keyboard,new-keymap}: invalid choice: 'new=keymap' (choose from 'config', 'clone', 'console', 'env', 'setup', 'bux', 'c2json', 'cd', 'cformat', 'chibios-confmigrate', 'clean', 'compile', 'docs', 'doctor', 'fileformat', 'flash', 'format-c', 'format-json', 'format-python', 'format-text', 'generate-api', 'generate-config-h', 'generate-dfu-header', 'generate-docs', 'generate-info-json', 'generate-keyboard-h', 'generate-layouts', 'generate-rgb-breathe-table', 'generate-rules-mk', 'generate-version-h', 'hello', 'info', 'json2c', 'lint', 'list-keyboards', 'list-keymaps', 'list-layouts', 'kle2json', 'multibuild', 'new-keyboard', 'new-keymap', 'pyformat', 'pytest')". I was able to set up a new user fine using "qmk setup user.keyboard/keychron/q1/" but after trying "gmk new-keymap" then MSYS just seems to forget what it did earlier and doesn't remember what keyboard I even have. Am I doing something wrong or is this board just not able to have 1000?

GMMK Pro or Keychron Q1 are the way to go. I've built and modded those 2 boards, and I prefer the Q1 by a lot. [this was the Q1 I modded]([URL REMOVED] just last week.



Gateron Phantom Red


Double-shot ABS Keycaps, not shine-through


South-facing RGB LED

Switch support

Hot-swappable (5 pin & 3 pin)