Mode65 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Mode65 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit
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  • Great for gaming
  • No gasket mounting, silicone at the bottom
  • Keycaps are half plate carbon fiber and no gasket mounting
  • Sound test is pretty good
  • Board is nice


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MODE SixtyFive - Build Vod + Sound Test

I think it looks really pretty it's very clean in its design. Packaging and presentation are fantastic, uh, really cool customizable mounting styles, which is awesome. I think they put a lot of work into getting this like magnetic back to work, which is really cool

1 month ago

The Best New 65% Keyboard? | Mode SixtyFive Review

Wasn'T it so going into the three different mounting styles? The top mount is the most resonant and echoey, with a very large sort of open, sound and presence. The typing feel, like i said, is very soft, very bouncy with the half plate and it does have the harshest sounding mods as well. Due to the mounting points on the top mount

1 month ago