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  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powerful gaming laptop
  • Versatile for many uses
  • Backlit keyboard is a nice feature


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MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro Review

While you may mostly take the Stealth Pro to play games at your destination, using it en route without draining battery is at least an option..Like the ROG Zephyrus, the MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro successfully implements Nvidia's Max-Q guidelines to offer more power than is typically possible in a 0

Matthew Buzzi
4 months ago

Thin, Powerful Gaming Laptop - MSI GS63VR Review

A bigger display, beefy, cooling and a number pad for folks who work as well as play, and thanks to its magnesium, lithium alloy chassis, it's slightly lighter even than the razor blade, that is to say, if we ignore the obnoxious power, brick, while also costing less I'm, Not a huge fan of the 120 gig SSD one terabyte hard drive config in this particular unit. Larger SSDs not only hold more, but they also perform better substantially better, like I noticed it, but throw a bigger SSD in there and the GS. 63. Vr is a really solid platform that will make a lot of gamers happy, but you know what isn't bloatware tunnel bear tunnel bear.

Linus Tech Tips
5 months ago

One of the best choices in the market today for on the go gamers who value a professional looking laptop!

Being one of the first reviews on a product is a hefty responsibility and as such I will do my best to give you the information that I know I would want when first looking at buying a specific laptop. To summarize for those looking for less info, I absolutely recommend this laptop to anyone and ever...

5 years ago

Razer targets perfect Linux support

I was in the market for a new laptop and strongly considered the 5510/5520s. They look amazing even when seen from the perspective of coming from a MBP. That said, the video cards on that series are optimized for CAD and not for gaming. If you are looking at a Razer at all, then you likely have...


That msi is beast mode… running it right now… very happy… get a cooling pad

9 months ago

(EDITED Dec2018) Great performance, probably the least crazy looking gaming laptop in today's market

EDIT (Dec 25th 2018) First of all Happy Holidays! It has been about 17 months since purchase. I've been using this laptop daily for about 3-4 hours and a little more hours on the weekends. The performance is still as good as it has always been. However I recently noticed some rather worrying change ...

5 years ago

Get A Warranty

The first month, I had no problem with this laptop. It ran games fine and I could use it for whatever I wanted whether that was gaming or watching movies. During the second month though, one of the USB ports stopped working. I thought, fine, I'll just switch to a different USB port. Then another USB...

Amazon Customer
4 years ago

I have the 4gb version msi that came with a prebuilt

It’s a great reliable graphics card, after 4 years of average use still works like a champ

7 months ago

Under 4lb gaming laptop; works smooth with all Steam ...

Under 4lb gaming laptop; works smooth with all Steam games; Expect the fans to run loud as would any other gaming computer!; The moment you get the unit, erase the stock M2 SSD (not NVME) and do a fresh windows 10 creator edition install; Stock SSD is still very fast but I upgraded to 1TB M2 NvMe SS...

Amazon Customer
5 years ago

I have an msi gs63vr, never really happy with it. The keyboard is spongy and the screen is floppy as hell.

1 year ago


Operating System

Windows 11 Pro


Intel Core i7 (12th Gen) 12700H / 2.3 GHz

Max Turbo Speed

4.7 GHz

Number of Cores