Pentel EnerGel RTX

Pentel EnerGel RTX
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  • Great for left-handed writers
  • Dries fast and doesn't smudge
  • Colors are beautiful
  • Multi colors help with calendar updates
  • Smooth and dries immediately


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I personally love the pentel energel RTX. Super smooth and thick ink that I love.


Gel Pen Review | Pentel Energel RTX

I guess real downside is that if you look at the price on target like ten bucks for the five they're $ 2.00, a gel pen that is on the expensive side, especially considering that they are like target gel pens, i'll check out cost breakdowns more. When I do the big comparison, but cost wise, these are pricier than other gel pens you can get. Yes, I need to find out what the refill cost is for that thunderdome to find out how like the appreciates overtime, it might not be the correct word for that.

Cindy Guentert-Baldo
4 months ago

Love these

I love this pen! I love because it dries so fast and it’s for left handed writers even better! I use to love acroball not anymore! They write smooth and the barrel colors and ink are different! The pearl pens are the best!

3 years ago


When I was 15 I first bought it. Now I am 18 and I bought for the last year of high school. I love the idea(buy a refil). I own a black pen and also red pen. I like the colours and the best for me: 0.7 mm. I love them so much.

3 years ago


I am left handed and often dont like gel pens as they run while I am writing and my hand gets covered in ink. BUT THESE PENS DONT RUN!! They ae easy to write with, dry instantly., very comfortable to write with.

10 years ago

Great Pen

It drys fast and the multi colors help with calendar updates!!

2 years ago

No smear!

Smooth and dries immediately

8 months ago

Smooth beautiful pens! Must have!

These are my favorite pens! They write smooth and don't have as much smudging which is important for a lefty. The colors are beautiful.

5 years ago

Awesome pens!

I love the colors of the EnerGel RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pens! The pens write so smoothly and the ink dries fast. There are a variety of colors to choose from and the colors are bold and bright. The pens are also partly made from recycled materials so that is a big plus as well!

3 years ago

A smudge-free gel pen with many color and tip-size options

The EnerGel RTX lays down dark, crisp lines. And it’s available in a wide range of colors and tip sizes to suit various writing preferences.

4 months ago