Blood Rage

Blood Rage

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  • Great for a small group
  • Components are amazing, high quality and contain a lot of detail
  • If you like miniature games and/or enjoy painting these are perfect for you
  • A lot of fans
  • End of the world


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I introduced my SO to Blood Rage in a 2 player game. She hated it and refuses to play it again. 0/10 would not recommend.
Oh wow, Blood Rage tanked QUICK. It released on a broken state, to the point where our group preferred to play on TTS lol
BLOOD RAGE: DIGITAL EDITION Review: A Tabletop Giant Trips Over Its Own Digital Feet — GameTyrant
Solo play, local play, and online play mean that you can get a lot more bang for your buck than with big boxes that you can’t always pull off the shelf for a game night.I’m hopeful that within a few months, all of the bugs will be fixed, the UI will be updated with patches, and that the game will look a lot more like what I envisioned when it was first announced.The potential for high replay value in Blood Rage: Digital Edition is there
2 months ago
Blood Rage, Cthulhu : Death May Die, and Mansions of Madness (2nd edition). I know Mansions can be played solo, but it's a game that so much fun with a group. Spirit Island as well, same reason.
Blood Rage Digital Edition Review
The gameplay is exceptional with strategic and tactical choices that indeed validates the rating it gets on BoardGameGeek. When played at a full player count, it’s an exciting brawl of epic proportions. When creating a multiplayer game, AI or real players can be added
2 months ago
Blood Rage. Played 40 to 50 times and it’s replayability has worn thin compared to other area control games I love.
Codenames, Port Royal, Cosmic Encounter, Blood Rage, Dinosaur Island, 7th Continent. So good!
Review: Blood Rage - Shut Up & Sit Down
So there you have it! Against the odds, Shut Up & Sit Down does not recommend Blood Rage.
2 months ago
Blood Rage. Hands down the best... but my group does love all the expansions and the KS add ons.
Every day: Dominion, all expansions (if that's allowed)
20 in a row: Blood Rage - I just had my first game definitely think there's some room for more, lol
Never existed: Monopoly!


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12.17 x 12.09 x 2.95 inches

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May 1, 2019