Uno Card Game

Uno Card Game

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  • Great for families
  • A quick way to help kids calm down or get distracted from negative emotions
  • Draw 6 rule is null and void
  • Typography is terrible
  • Graphics are skewed


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Great Family Fun!
I bought UNO while on a family vacation- to pass time- we had a BLAST!! I have a 5 yr old and a 9 yr old - and we all really have a great time playing it!! Brings back great memories of playing as a little kid.
11 years ago
I am so disappointed with the terrible redesign of this wonderful, classic game. The typography is so terrible, the graphics are skewed and it just didn’t need to change. How embarrassing for all involved in making these poor decisions.
4 months ago
This Common Uno Tactic Is Actually Cheating and People Are Freaking Out
The latest internet-fueled controversy isn’t about the color of a dress or debunked hoax. It’s about something more important, more sacred: the correct way to play Uno. A tweet from the official account of the Mattel-owned card game sent on Saturday clarified that the Draw 6 rule is null and void. T...
2 months ago
Item came in the mail quickly and is just as fun to play as it was when I was little. Not bulky like board games, so it's great if you have limited storage.
11 years ago
I have been an owner of this fantastic family game for many years. My wife an I have enjoyed it with our children, grandchildren and now with our great-grandchildren.
4 years ago
Great game!
Played this with my 6 year old after Santa* put it in her stocking for Christmas! We loved it! Once she got the hang of it...she kept beating me at it... : (
11 years ago
Fun Game
This is the best game for a family to be able to play.
7 years ago
Uno Card Game Review
It's very simple: I grab the Mad Magazine card game. I also review for that game here on my youtube channel anyway, game boy d care can't recommend it. I'D rather play many other games, or if I really want to play you in a while play the man magazine card game,
TheGameBoyGeek - Hi Quality Hi Energy Board Game Reviews
2 months ago
Love this game!!
good to play with all types of people! its a classic!!
11 years ago
Very good purchase!
I'm looking for this game and finally buy it for best price ever! Good and quality purchase!
8 years ago


Type of Game

Classic Games

Number of Players

2-10 Players


No Battery Used

Street Date

April 17, 2022