Kenmore Upright 31140

Kenmore Upright 31140
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  • Great for pet hair
  • Lightweight and easy to push
  • Easy to empty the canister
  • Good suction power
  • Lots of attachments included


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Best Upright Vacuums of 2022

Emissions are clean, meaning this bagged vacuum retains what it sucks up.

Consumer Reports
13 days ago


After my 20-yr-old Hoover finally died, I spent months researching vacuums online, and I finally bought this Kenmore because it had most of the features I was looking for. The user reviews were almost uniformly bad, but it received good ratings from Consumer Reports, so I took a chance. Live and lea...

1 year ago

My 2nd Kenmore Elite

Ok, so I owned one of these before. It was about 5 years old and I loved it! I gave it to my son because my kids had purchased one of those robot vacuums (Eufy) for me for Christmas. It's just fine, but it doesn't really handle the hair from my cat or all the threads left from quilting. So, I resear...

Donna D.
1 year ago

Item looks used

When I opened the box everything looked like it had been shoved inside, the foam was broken and scattered all over the inside of the box, the vacuum has scratches on it, looks like it may have been the floor model. Doesn’t look like I received something brand new. And there was already a bag in the ...

Adam Smith
1 year ago

Best vacuum ever!

I love love love this vacuum! It really does the job and picks up even hidden dirt better than any vacuum I’ve ever owned. It’s not super light weight, but I’m good with that because it feels very sturdy and it’s not difficult to push. I love the headlight, the dirt indicator and the on board tools....

Debbie H.
1 year ago

Awesome Vacuum!!!

I researched for months to find a new vacuum. Consumer Reports had this vacuum rated number one and was skeptical being that so many people rave about Sharks and Dysons. This vacuum blew me away! It is self propelled and has amazing power and suction. My husband and myself were instantly impressed a...

Carrie Zaragoza
1 year ago

Useless on stairs; actual practical hose length is 5'; great as long as you always go forward

This vacuum sucks well, but has several fatal flaws. 1. The self-propel does not disengage at any point so you are fighting the self-propel to pull the vacuum in reverse. But one does get a good "rowing" workout. 2. The 10ft hose is actually 5ft max when pulled as taught as you are likely to. Comica...

R. Shuri
1 year ago

Drive system is awesome.

Did not realize it came with drive. Really like the selection switch from carpet to floors works really well. Glad it comes with Heppa filter bag. Should really help with allergies.

Jim Briggs
1 year ago

Bags & Filters Are the Way

I’ve had my eye on a Miele for ages but I just couldn’t pull the trigger on such an expensive vacuum. I turned to Consumer Reports for other budget-friendly alternatives. The Kenmore 31140 was one of their top picks and this and another model have been consistently highly rated. I almost didn’t get ...

Zoe V
1 year ago

Top of the line, best vacuum for the money.

Excellent suction, maneuvering, easy to carry & light weight.

Debra Quinn
1 year ago


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