Marshall Emberton

Marshall Emberton
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  • Great for listening to music
  • Compact size
  • Excellent battery life
  • Balanced mid and treble ranges
  • No rattle or buzz at high levels
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Marshall Emberton is a really nice mid sized speaker. UE Megaboom, JBL Charge good as well.

This small speaker boasts delightful sound

The Marshall Emberton is easy to recommend if you’re looking for a small Bluetooth speaker with powerful sound, long-lasting battery, and USB-C charging — the latter of which is currently a rarity in the market.

Cameron Faulkner
2 months ago

Marshall Emberton

The Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a small speaker designed for listening to music. Its balanced mid and treble ranges help reproduce clear and present vocals and lead instruments, and there's a bit of extra boom and warmth in the bass range, making it suitable for lots of different...

John Panoryios
2 months ago

Excellent speaker! I was amazed

Excellent speaker! I was amazed by the sound and bass, the battery life is excellent as well. Marshall really did a good job designing this speaker.I would definitely recommend this item. Extremely happy with my purchase.

Nathan D.
3 months ago

Marshall Emberton Review

Ultimately, your decision here comes down to style and portability. If powerful audio is key, there are other waterproof models that bring more bass and volume to the party. But if you like the Marshall aesthetic and want something really compact, the Emberton won’t disappoint

Tim Gideon
2 months ago

Amazing sound quality

We have a water proof speaker from the big B in sound right now. This rivals and maybe even beats it for sound clarity. Even at high levels this puppy doesn’t rattle or buzz and the sound also balances bass and treble very well. It feels hardy while still managing to look stylish. It’s actually pret...

2 years ago

Packs a punch

Small, well-designed, surprisingly powerful speaker.

Astrid H.
3 months ago

Emberton vs JBL Flip 4 vs Bose Soundlink 2

Indoors: Each unit sounds very different depending on where it is located. For the Emberton, it sounded a little too bassy in most locations and the mids and highs sounded drowned out because of that. The Bose also sounded a little too bassy but was more even on the mids and highs. In particular, th...

1 year ago

I got an Emberton instead of speakers like the Flip 5 because it’s drivers are placed in front and behind, therefore covering a larger area with sound. With a portable speaker, you usually aren’t sitting in one place, listening to music. That’s what (I’ve determined) headphones and nice stereo setup...

Fantastic little speaker

Overall a fab product. It looks great and the sound is fantastic for a product of this size. Delighted with purchase. Excellent customer service and swift delivery too.

Leeanne H.
3 months ago