Sennheiser HD800S

Sennheiser HD800S
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  • Great for studio monitoring
  • Sound is very detailed and clear
  • They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Price point is reasonable
  • Headphones are durable and can withstand a lot of wear


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Sennheiser HD 800 S Review - The Perfect Audiophile Headphone for Every Genre?

Which over-ear headphones should I choose? This is the question that worries those who have yet to select their headphones. If the purchase budget has clear limitations, then the selection process becomes a little easier, because a significant part of the expensive range automatically falls off. And...

Sennheiser HD800S because it cost me so much fucking money

Sennheiser HD800S with Little Dot Mk3 tube amp - listening to music in the house

Sennheiser PXC550 ii - Listening to music on the train via Bluetooth with noise cancellation

Etymotic Hf5 - listening to music when working, via smartphone

Expensive But Quality That Matches The Price

There's a distinct law of diminishing returns when it comes to high-end audio gear. I suppose that can be said for any kind of product but weighing the pros and cons and determining the "value" of a headphone like this is purely up to the beholder since sound is so subjective and people hear things ...

Virtuoso Fan
6 years ago

Like has been mentioned, the Sennheiser HD800s is the best out there, plug it into a Nordic-sounding amp and you won't need separate headphones for games and music that's for certain...

With this kind of money to spend, I would reccomend you go to a high-end headphone store to test multiple different models. Ones I would reccomend you try are:

HiFiMan Arya

Sennheiser HD800S

Focal Clear

Audeze LCD-2

Audeze LCD-X


Fascinating! | Sennheiser HD800S Review

So the conclusion of this headphone, in kind of where I place it because there's a lot of different facets that go into this headphone and at the end of the day I do have to analyze whether or not the people who are buying it or going to Be either excited or happy, or you know how long that honeymoon period is going to last before you're kind of just like okay, I need to look for something else. I got to admit it's a little bit difficult to place this headphone because on one hand there are very, very few headphones that can do what this headphone does and the fact that it makes music be seen through kind of a lens or a light. Or you know an auditory kind of experience that you don't really get anywhere else and in a certain sense that the premium price floor is kind of worth it in that sense, but that is completely separate from enjoyability in what individuals like me might like

Joshua Valour
16 days ago

This is great, as I just bought k712pro's, because I can't afford the HD800S right now, and I like the k712pro even more than my DT1990's. So, I'm glad to hear I can look forward to the HD800S

Headset cord connection defective, quality issues

Brand new headphone. Went to change the cord and when pulling the left side connection out of the headphone the part that should have remained in the headset pulled out and the wires broke. I"m aware that the cable is to be pulled straight out without turning. It looks like there should be some sort...

Dave G
4 years ago

I upgraded from HD660s to HD800s and have no reservations. Improved clarity, highs and much deeper base. Using with Schiit stack at desk and ifi Black Label on the go.




11.64 oz

Headband Material

Metal, plastic

Headphones Form Factor

Full size