Shark APEX UpLight

Shark APEX UpLight
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  • Great for pet hair
  • Simple setup
  • Suction is great
  • Bagless collection is good
  • Canister is easy to empty


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The 8 Best Corded Vacuums - Spring 2022

The best corded stick vacuum we've tested is the Shark APEX UpLight. This relatively lightweight vacuum delivers superb performance on bare floors and does an excellent job cleaning pet hair and various other kinds of material on low pile carpet.

12 days ago

Amazing vacuum but has a few design flaws

This little beast does an amazing job of cleaning, but has a couple things that could be designed better. Setup is simple and straightforward - I’m blind and can’t read print, so I didn’t have the benefit of a manual. But one wasn’t needed, I was able to easily understand how the parts went together...

3 years ago

Great vacuum. Good value.

The suction and bagless collection are great. The vacuum head is a little narrower than I expected, but I was blown away at how I filled the canister vacuuming a room I'd just vacuumed with my Dyson.

2 years ago

Shark APEX UpLight

Overall, this vacuum performs well for any type of use.

Dagobiet Morales Alfaro
21 days ago

Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum Cleaner Review and Demo

I do think that this could be your only vacuum. So that's great, I did a great job on carpet and bare floors that power heads really beefed up.

Vac Tech
21 days ago

Replaced My Heavy Upright Vacuum

We live in a 3,000 SF house in the Seattle area and have a Golden Retriever, so lots of long hair, dirt and yard debris brought into the house. Flooring includes carpet, wood, tile and area rugs. We have been using a Eureka Multicyclonic Pet upright vacuum plus a Shark Rocket stick vacuum. I wanted ...

JW - Gig Harbor
3 years ago

Better than my Dyson!!!

I currently have the Dyson V10 Absolute, and this Shark one is AMAZING! I wish I bought it sooner! I did my research from reading reviews to watching video reviews from “Vacuum Wars” (highly recommend) and this Shark has better suction than even the newset dyson! I tested it out by vacuuming qoth my...

2 years ago

Amazing Vacuum

I've never owned a shark or a expensive vacuum, so this vacuum was nothing like the ones I ever used before. First, putting it together was very easy. Took about 5 minutes tops. You don't need any tools, everything snaps into place. It does have some weight to it, but that could be because everythin...

Alisha French
3 years ago

Best Suction!

Really good suction!!! This is one of the best rated vacuums by Consumer Reports, so we took a chance at buying a modern design. It works great, and this Walmart version is the best price compared to the general model.

2 years ago

Will aggravate dust allergies!

Sadly, this vacuum didn't work for me. It has a massive design flaw: it blows air out into you face as you vacuum. If you have allergies, look elsewhere for a stick vacuum. Also, I was hoping to use both hands to maneuver it, but no, there's no space for your other hand to grab it to reposition it. ...

3 years ago


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