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TWSBI Eco Review — Everyday Commentary

Score: 20 out of 20, PERFECTThe TWSBI Eco is an ideal EDC fountain pen—durable, easy to use, and good looking. It writes like a dream and finally it lasts over time. I really can’t see risking any other TWSBI at this point because the Eco writes so well and the others have fit and finish issues

1 month ago

[Review] TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen + Platinum Carbon Ink — coffee+scribbles

If I’m in a rush to use the pen, I wrap a paper towel around the nib and “swing” the pen to get any remaining droplets of water in the barrel out (make sure you don’t fling out your pen); but usually I just lay it out, uncapped, and let it airdry for a day or two. You want to make sure that the ink reservoir is completely dry before filling it with ink. Tl;DR ConclusionI have a handful of fountain pens and lots of fineliners, but the TWSBI ECO is a steady staple in my illustration kit

1 month ago

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict

The extra fine nib in mine is firm and smooth, with little to no feedback, no hard starts, and no skipping. It is spot on, and a pleasure to write with. This is a flat-out cool pen, and one I have been recommending constantly since its launch last summer

1 month ago

A Week with the TWSBI Eco(nomical) Fountain Pen | Comfortable Shoes Studio

Anyway, my nib has been really nice, with a small amount of smoothing it’s really nice. So far, I’m pretty happy with this pen.

1 month ago

Answering your TWSBI Eco Questions

Yes and no, grip does not remove, so it fills just like a normal pen would. You can fill like any other pen from the cone insert directly in the bottle, but not from the cap of the bottle like the 580, Mini, and Classic.

1 month ago

Pen Review: TWSBI ECO White Rosegold Fountain Pen

My original ECO has a medium nib and is almost always full with Platinum Classic Lavender Black. Though I’ve been warned that iron gall inks can stain pens, my TWSBI seems to have escaped that fate. It’s a consistent writer and, even if I put it down for long periods of time, writes well as soon as I pick it up, rarely even needing water or priming to re-start

1 month ago

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Review • Buchan's Stationery & Gifts

Overall TWSBI delivered on its mission to create an affordable, stylish, quality option in the TWSBI ECO.

1 month ago

TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen Review

If you can get a great nib out of the box, this pen is an amazing value. If you have to fiddle with the nib, I’d recommend jumping up to the Diamond 580. The Nutshell: Overall Score: 22/25

1 month ago

TWSBI ECO Black Fountain Pen

The TWSBI ECO represents a great value in fountain pens with its simple design, durable construction, and integrated piston-filling system that holds an impressive 1.8mL of ink!

The stainless steel nib is available in 5 widths: EF, F, M, B, and 1.1 Stub. The ECO differs from other TWSBI pens in tha...

1 month ago

My favorite so I buy as gifts now!

Love it. My brother loved it. Best bang for buck and intro to fountain pens

2 months ago


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