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  • Great for beginners
  • A great starter pen
  • Price is right
  • Good quality and durability
  • Comes in a variety of colors


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Best Gifts and Stocking Stuffers to Buy in Bulk | Reviews by Wirecutter

These playful fountain pens write nicely. Buying them in a pack of seven brings the cost down to a few dollars per pen.

13 days ago

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Review — A Better Desk

Given the pen's performance for the price, the Platinum Preppy would be a wonderful gift for the fountain pen beginner in your life and falls just below the Pilot Kakuno, which I consider to be the best fountain pen for beginners. Like this post? Subscribe to our rss feed or follow us on Twitter and receive new post updates automatically.

1 month ago

I've got an order on the way with a Pilot Kaküno clear EF, a black EF Platinum Preppy and a green F Platinum Preppy, plus some carbon black cartridges....

I got impatient, though, and ordered another Kaküno EF that arrived yesterday, so now I'm not sure what I'll do with the second. Normally I have...

7 months ago

Is a Platinum Preppy Wa a good way to test out Platinums nibsizes? I don’t want to immediately splurge 160€ for a century c:

8 months ago

Kokuyo X Platinum Preppy Perpanep Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict

The Perpanep, visually speaking, brought me right back to the Ink Bar, making it an instant purchase.This pen is 100% Platinum Preppy outside of the logo on the barrel. That means, it is already one of the best inexpensive pens you can buy

1 month ago

Old Reliables: The Platinum Preppy and Plaisir? — The Gentleman Stationer

These relatively inexpensive models offer an excellent writing experience at a bargain price. The Preppy in particular gives you a reliable refillable fountain pen at a price point similar to “disposable” pens like the Pilot Varsity.

1 month ago

Review: Platinum Preppy 0.2 EF Fountain Pen

Personally, I find the nib to be fine enough on the Platinum Preppy not to scare away a new user accustomed to rollerballs, ballpoints and the occasional gel pen. And at $4, its the financial commitment equivalent of a venti mocha at Starbucks.

1 month ago

Why the Platinum Preppy is the Best Fountain Pen in the World - Pen Vibe

The Platinum Preppy has a brilliant design: such a simple thing as a snugly nib-hugging inner cap (second cap within the cap), spring-loaded, makes all the difference to moist longevity.

1 month ago

Pen Review, Platinum Preppy, Fountain Pen - Iron Ion

If you decide that you really love your Platinum Preppy and want to keep using it but don’t want to use cartridges or feel like you need to have more color options, the Preppy is compatible with Platinum’s twist-style converter: Platinum Fountain Pen Converter. All that having been said, as far as writing feel for a fountain pen goes, pushing aside the price point and the fact that this is a starter pen, the Preppy is only OK. It’s not anywhere near as smooth a writer as other fountain pens, it has a nice form factor but there’s a lot of branding covering the demonstrator body (that’s when a fountain pen has a clear body so you can see through to the cartridge, converter and sometimes the other elements of the pen too) and a giant warning label on the side, so it defeats the purpose of a clear-bodied pen a little bit

1 month ago

Great Pen

I got this pen with the EF nib with the idea of using it try eyedroppering a pen. I got the washer and grease and it leaked. I chalk it up to me not using enough grease. I will try it again. For the moment I have the cartridge in and it writes so smoothly with such a lovely thin line.

Jeff M.
7 months ago


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